Stone and Tile Services in Los Angeles, CA

Are your granite floors showing scuffs and blemishes in the light? Is your bathroom in desperate need of stone and tile repair and restoration in Los Angeles, CA? No matter the type of stone or tile, regardless of the condition or the size of the space, Ronny’s Expert Travertine, Marble, and Stone Floor Care will deliver results. Our experts are capable of delivering a complete range of stone and tile services, breathing new life into your beautiful floors once more. Our scope of stone repair and restoration services includes marble repair and restoration, travertine repair and restoration, and more.
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Types of Flooring

Our expertise extends to all different types of stone and tile flooring. Because we specialize in servicing these types of flooring exclusively, you can rest assured we’re using best practices and safe materials when it comes to repairing, cleaning and refinishing your floors. Our full scope of abilities extends to everything from brick masonry to travertine floor restoration in Los Angeles, CA and beyond.

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  • Brick Repair and Restoration
  • Concrete Repair and Restoration
  • Marble Repair and Restoration
  • Rock Repair and Restoration
  • Slate Repair and Restoration
  • Stone Repair and Restoration
  • Tile Repair and Restoration
  • Travertine Repair and Restoration

Anti-Slip Services Available

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Our Experience

Whether you’ve got nasty damage to your home’s marble, stone, or travertine tile flooring or you require large-scale tile floor repair in Los Angeles, CA for your dance hall, trust that our team has the experience necessary to restore it. We’ve worked in residential homes, commercial spaces and even industrial facilities to ensure the restoration of stone flooring of all types. Our experience includes:


Regardless of the age or condition of your stone, marble, or travertine tile flooring, we’ll give it the attention it needs to look regal and sophisticated once again. From repairs and polishing to full restoration and re-grouting, we don’t cut corners when it comes to your flooring!

Reach Ronny’s Expert Travertine, Marble, and Stone Floor Care today at 818-340-8597 to inquire about our capabilities or to receive an estimate on service for your stone or tile flooring.