Masonry Services in Los Angeles, CA

It takes seasoned expertise and careful attention to detail to clean, repair, restore and treat stone, tile and brick flooring. At Ronny’s Expert Travertine, Marble, and Stone Floor Care, our team has decades of hands-on experience and a wide range of proven projects that reflect our abilities. We’re completely dedicated to restoring your flooring.


Stone flooring needs to be cleaned thoroughly, but with care. Because stone is porous, we take care to clean it thoroughly without damaging it or using chemicals that may disrupt the integrity or composition of the material.


With skills like marble honing under our belt, we’re able to polish your prestigious flooring to a high grade, making it shine brightly and gleam brilliantly when the light hits it. We polish thoroughly, for a clean, even sheen that looks immaculate.


Thanks to our background in masonry, we’re able to take the lead on brick floor refurbishment in Los Angeles, CA, providing results that are simply stunning. We also ensure your stone flooring receives the attention it needs to look brand-new again.


Count on us for stone, tile and brick repair in Los Angeles, CA. With an expert understanding of how to repair each of these types of flooring—as well as our workmanship when it comes to grouting—you’re guaranteed superb results when you call us to fix your floors.


When age and wear take their toll on your surfaces, give us a call for stone, tile and brick floor restoration in Los Angeles, CA. We’ll save you the trouble of intense cleaning, repairs and polishing by providing full and complete restoration services that illuminate your floors once more.


Because stone and brick are susceptible to moisture and other detractors that can sink into their porous structure, we offer sealing to protect them. Let us seal your floor to help maintain its integrity for decades to come.



The Masonry Experts

Regardless of what your floors need to look their best, the experts at Ronny’s Expert Travertine, Marble, and Stone Floor Care are prepared to deliver it. Give us a call at 818-340-8597 and let us consult on your floor, to make sure it gets the attention it deserves.