Floor Removal Service in Los Angeles

Ready to install fresh new flooring that enhances your home or business? You’ll need to get rid of the existing flooring first. Leave this job to Ronny’s Expert Travertine, Marble, and Stone Floor Care. We’re the experts for floor removal in Los Angeles, CA, making quick work of your current flooring to make way for a luxurious new installation.
We’re experienced at removing all types of flooring and can tackle the job without damaging your subfloor or foundation. Our team will erase old tile, grout, adhesives or other materials, leaving behind a fresh surface that’s ready to accept new flooring.

Floor Adhesive Removal

Pulling up vinyl, laminate or even wood plank flooring will leave behind industrial-strength adhesive that’s not easy to get rid of. We have the know-how and resources to get rid of this residue cleanly and effectively. We use strong solvents and scraping equipment to loosen-up and remove any adhesive so it doesn’t interfere with the new floor you’re lying.

Tile Removal

Time to remove your tile and grout to make way for a new type of flooring or a better tiling material? We’re up for the job! We approach tile removal in Los Angeles, CA with the right tools, including automatic chisels and tile scrapers. Watch as we strip away tile and grout, leaving behind a smooth surface that’s ready to accept new flooring. We work quickly to pull up tile and grout and are mindful of our workspaces, keeping mess and debris to a minimum while we’re working.


Reinvent Your Flooring

Removing flooring is back-breaking work if you don’t have the right skills or equipment. Leave the job to Ronny’s Expert Travertine, Marble, and Stone Floor Care! We’ll completely remove your old flooring and any residue, leaving you with a surface that’s ready to accept beautiful new flooring.

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